40 Shockingly Easy Nail Art At Home

Choosing colors and following periodic craze as a way of deciding upon a nail color is fun. Here are some easy nail art at home

Following fashion and periodic craze as a way of deciding upon a nail color is fun, but expert nail artists are equipped to choose shades that suit a skin tone to achieve the best possible finish. Just as with clothes, certain nail colors can be unfavorable against the skin and even give it a flushed appearance, while others can make it look luminous.

Shorter nails profit from sallow shades which give the delusion of length, with vertical stripes of nail art for an understated finish. People with longer nails can manage to be more exploratory and draw attention by easy nail art at home with brighter shades and varied nail art.

Easy Nail Art At Home For Fair Skin Tones

Most nail shades suit those with light or fair skin tones, although very sallow skin may look pale against extremely dark shades. Pinks, reds and lilacs work well to compliment fair skin.

Medium Skin Tones

Nail art can be carried off well by those with medium skin tones, as diverse prints and colors blend well with the skin. Metallic finishes and vibrant tints such as pink, orange, yellow and blue balance this tone; red, navy and dark purple should be avoided.

Dark Skin Tones

Dark nail shades accentuate dark skin tones, and the warm hues of burgundy, red, green, gold and brown all look great. Tanned skin can also be integrated with lighter shades of blue and pink, but yellow-based colors are not suggested.


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