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Please checkout these amazing blogs:

1. I worship at the altar of Lisa Eldridge. Even though she’s a celebrity makeup artist she is still incredibly down-to-earth. Love how she explains why you’re doing this or that so you actually understand the principles and basics.

2. This under appreciated, and under valued blog is a an all time favourite of mine. I have not come across another one like this. This blog has a unique voice and a very distinct quality. Don’t forget to read the Beauty Bullshit posts – Makeup done scientifically right! Awesome.

3. – a blog I like very much, written by Becky – she is someone who has an exquisite taste and style.

4. top go-to blog for BB Creams. For thorough, detailed and entertaining product reviews, visit her.

5. – meet Tara Joy and her simple, elegant and beautiful blog.

6. blog by Elena Vosnaki with fragrance reviews, essays on the science of fragrance and aroma raw materials, articles on perfume history, practical tips for shoppers and much more. In short, a bible to anything related to “perfumes and fragrances”.

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