Zuri’s 10 favorite beauty tips

Here are some of the most honest beauty tips Zuri would like to share with you all!


Top 10 Moisturizers to treat dry skin this winter

While lip balms and blushes emphasize our glow, these moisturizing lotions prevent skin from dryness and irritation. Check out 10 moisturizers that will prevent your skin from unnecessary dryness and irritation this winter.

Ask Zuri #28 – How To Make Nails Look Smooth

How many of you have been wanting to know how to make your nails smooth? Have you been looking for an answer to this beauty query? Well! Your search ends now! Answer: One of the primary reasons why ridges form is due to the absence of the body’s natural oils. Moisturizing your nails with vitamin E oil…

5 Must-try post-party skin care tips

This party season, try out these post party skin care tips for a glowing, radiant you! The party is over — whether or not for you, but definitely for your skin. All those post work cocktail get-togethers, family reunions over the weekend, and nights spent clubbing with friends spelt fun for you but have wrecked…

8 Home remedies using papaya on skin

Here are amazing homemade beauty remedies based on papaya. Now, apply this magical fruit on your skin and see how it works! If there is one fruit you can call a wonder fruit for your skin then it is papaya. The active enzyme, and vitamins A, C and E present in papaya is known to…