Zuri's 3rd Birthday 2

It’s My Birthday Today!

I must thank you all for the constant motivation, I am sure you keep motivating me 🙂 It has been a great journey so far! What started out as a hobby and eventually turned out to become a driving force and passion, definitely pushes us to do more!

Blair Fowler 1

Make-up guru : Blair Fowler

Blair Fowler, an 18 year old beauty guru, who also happens to be the younger sister of Elle Fowler, has been doing makeup tutorials and fashion videos since 2008. She’s known for her YouTube channel juicystar07. She has tons of beauty hauls, DIY’s, giveaway’s, makeup tutorials, hair suggestions etc. Blair’s extremely camera friendly and she looks lovely all…

Dulce Candy 1

Make-up guru : Dulce Candy

Dulce grew up in a middle class family and dint have too much money to splurge on fancy clothes, makeup etc. After high school she went into the military and 6 months later she went to Iraq where women weren’t allowed to wear make-up or civilian clothing. She used to buy fashion magazines and would dream of…

Jordon Liberty 1

Make-up guru : Jordon Liberty

Jordan Liberty was born in Ohio. He grew up enamored with fine art, and continued his passion for creativity into adulthood. He now works in Philadelphia and New York City as a full-time professional make-up artist and trainer. Jordan authored the instructional makeup book “Give Good Face.” On his YouTube channel you can find absolutely any look!…