beauty tips for lips 04

Top 5 beauty tips for dark looking lips

Have you been longing for luscious rosy lips? Some women are extremely blessed and well for the others, don’t worry! Zuri brings to you top 5 tips to transform your dark looking lips to a poppy pink pout.

summer lip scrubs 13

Make your own 5 delicious summer lip scrubs

In summer, we often neglect moisturizing our skin and even our lips. Without its daily dose of moisture and faced with incredible heat, your lips chap and look dry and dull. Making a lip scrub is super easy. All you need are some very basic ingredients and a desire to be innovative.

How to make thin lips look plumper 01

How to make thin or uneven lips look plumper

Not all of us are blessed with evenly shaped plump lips that we most often find on magazine covers. If a thin, uneven and ill-shaped lip is your concern area like majority of women, then we recommend you follow the makeup advice below. Makeup serves as a great solution for people who aren’t born with full and evenly shaped lips. Know that painful collagen lip fillers and augmentation methods are not always necessary to get that desired shape and pout. Instead, more importantly, getting a few corrective makeup techniques and tips right is the key so that your lips look always beautiful.

how to wear a Matte Lipstick 04

How to wear a matte lipstick- before, during and after application

If worn right, a matte lipstick looks exceptionally stylish and beautiful. Not all occasions call for a glossy lip color and hence it is important to understand how a matte lipstick should be worn. Matte lipsticks are notoriously famous for their drying effect on the skin; therefore, we would like to give you some makeup techniques that can be used to equip yourself to tackle this.

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Top 10 long lasting lipstick shades to wear for a Christmas party

Christmas is the season to be jolly. So don’t stay stuck to your same old lipsticks, try out some new and interesting long lasting lipstick trends from our list of top 10 long lasting lipstick shades to wear for a Christmas party. Long lasting lipstick is always a good buy, it remains intact during long party nights avoiding trips to the loo.