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32 Gorgeous nail art images inspired by summer motifs

Are you ready to embrace the summer season? A holiday on the beach, ice creams, breezy dresses, and floral accessories to beat the summer blues already on your mind? Think out of the box and go a step further by painting your nails bright in motifs inspired by the summer season. Wow! That’s sounds fun, doesn’t it? So get your creative side working and go whacky with your nails this summer.

How to make eye makeup look natural 04

Top 5 tips on how to make eye makeup look natural

The new trend that seems to be a favorite among all generations is the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. It’s a simple technique to use neutral palettes and natural shades to highlight your features. So if you love applying eye makeup but don’t want to overdo it for the day, there are some simple tips you can follow to make your eye makeup look stunning yet natural.

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16 Trendy negative space nail art design ideas

Negative space nail art is the latest and the hottest trend on the block as far as nails are concerned. Negative space nail art is basically a manicure wherein your nude, uncolored nails peeps through bold nail colors. It’s like creating a peek a boo panel to break up nail art.

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4 Really easy nail art videos on Youtube

I love summer for the simple reason that I get to shed all the layers. Sunny days are so much brighter and then, wearing lovely, flowing fabrics, with a cool summer hat. Zuri has handpicked 4 awesome video tutorials for you to follow if you plan to paint your nails in an easy nail art design.

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Best eyeshadow color tips for black eyes

Most Asian women are blessed with black eyes. I say blessed because black eyes are the most versatile in terms of makeup and just about any color goes with this eye color. So all you lucky women, add a pop of color to your black eyes and help them stand out. What follows is a list of eyeshadow colors, most suitable for black eyes to take your already beautiful eyes to a different level altogether.

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How to apply kajal perfectly everyday

Here are 7 easy steps on how to apply kajal perfectly. Now, look gorgeous every day with stunning kohled eyes! Kajal is every girl’s one a true everyday essential. It’s the first makeup product that you experiment with as a girl and the one thing you rely on as a woman. It’s time to conquer kajal so that you can look your absolute best, every single day.