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19 Sabyasachi latest bridal collection for brides-to-be

To-be-brides want him to dress them and with a good reason that too. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, India’s renowned haute bridal wear designer, an ace maestro expert in his own rights, knows just what the Indian bride wants.


25 simple nail art designs for a nail newbie

Quite often when one is doing nail art or watching someone do it, we are floored by the thought and idea of creativity involved. This is exactly why the world of fashionistas are in love with nail art. And each of us would have a different reason from the next to love nail art.

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The Beauty Uniform: Puja Bhargava Kamath

Puja Kamath decided to venture into producing her own designs when she realized that silver jewelery was one category where her three big passions converged; working with crafts and traditional skills, jewelery construction and history. This is when she started ‘Lai’, her own brand of eclectic silver jewelery.