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Bridal makeup tips – The 9 Dos and Don’ts you need to pay attention to

We’ve put together these 9 bridal make-up tips, with a little help from the experts, to make sure you look flawless on your big day.

Ask Zuri

Ask Zuri #6 – Foundation

How many of you think foundation makes your skin look pale? Should you skip it? Have you been looking for an answer to this beauty query? Well! Your search ends now 🙂

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5 Bright wedding makeup tips for a summer bride

Are you planning to carry bright makeup on your wedding day? Well, it’s tricky and requires a major commitment on your end as it can completely transform your entire look. But before you decide the look, do read the following five most important bright wedding makeup tips to follow.

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5 Easy ways to take your makeup from drab to fab in minutes

Sometimes when you have to head to a party straight from the office you don’t have all the time in the world to redo all your makeup. So does that mean you head out with your washed out look and show up looking anything less than perfect? Not at all. Here are 5 simple tricks to take your makeup from drab to fab in minutes.

Makeup Guide for Women with Glasses 01

Makeup guide for women with glasses

There are many cute glasses available in the market nowadays and good news is that the geeky look is considered equally fashionable! If you feel that glasses do not go well with makeup, think again, as we are going to list down some really easy tips and tricks for you to try out. Now, there is no need to reach out to your contact lenses as with these tips it will be very easy to create different makeup looks with your glasses on.

Master the No Makeup Makeup Look 03

Master the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look

Various occasions require a subtle not-overdone kind of a look where you wish to appear as natural as possible. So, is going bare faced the solution? Certainly not! This article will take you through some easy techniques and tips to achieve a no-makeup makeup look that is occasion appropriate.