makeup tips for New Years 11

Quick makeup touch-up tips for a New Year party

The most glamorous night of the year is finally here! Your look is cracked, you’re shoes are picked and you are going to look your best that night. Well that might be true for the first hour or so, but after a while makeup can start to melt or slide, making you run to the loo to fix it! We have brought you 10 tips that will help you get back to the party quicker.

Innovative gifts to give to a bride 08

5 Innovative gifts to give a bride

Last week my friend got married and that kept me so busy. She has been such a fast friend. We have known each other for over a decade now. One thing I know for a fact that the gift she has got from me is something she must have fallen in love with (by now). Know why? Cause I know her so well! The gift is a goody bag full of beauty products. She loves makeup!

Bridal shoes 83

20 Beautiful bridal shoes

On the wedding day, it is imperative for a bride to wear an extremely comfortable pair of shoes. But, it doesn’t mean that she has to opt for simple footwear. With so much effort gone into choosing your wedding lehenga, looking for the best makeup artist in town to flipping through all the hair-pages of the bridal special issue of your favorite magazine, so why at all compromise on your shoes!

Makeup Products to Keep Stocked Up 03

10 Makeup products to keep stocked up

Just like following a beauty regimen, it is also important to stock essential cosmetics in your makeup bag to be always prepared. It should be done irrespective of the fact if you are a beginner or already have experience of using makeup because what we use and how we use cosmetics makes a significant difference to the skin, especially in the long run. Not just this, keeping in stock basic cosmetics will help you achieve an all-time-favorite look that is suitable for routine work.