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6 Amazing and simple smokey eye makeup tips for monsoon

Your eyes do a lot of talking – from expressing anger, to love, acting shy or showing excitement, it’s all about the eyes. So it is important that you dress up your peepers to perfection before you head out anywhere.

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Easy eye makeup tips for a Stay-At-Home-Mom

It’s no surprise that the majority of Stay-At-Home-Moms (SAHM) are of a belief that since they spend majority time indoors keeping the hair and makeup in place is not required. Who’s looking anyway, right? Ladies, it’s time for a reality check. No matter how busy you are, remember that you too deserve to look your best at all times.

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Top 10 eye makeup tricks for a summer bride

Zuri brings to you 10 amazing eye makeup tips and tricks to follow this summer! Summer brides, no need to lose your cool over caring for your makeup on your wedding day. With these simple tricks, you can prep your peepers and show off your flawless makeup without any worries of the scorching sun.

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4 Easy steps for summer bridal eye makeup

There is no harm in doing your own makeup on the wedding day but for that you should have a clear idea of what suits you and brings out the best in you. Summer brides should keep their makeup light and focus on having flawless looking skin. Below are 4 easy steps to ace the summer bridal eye makeup look.

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How to wear kajal in 4 stylish ways

The art of wearing kajal goes back a long way in Indian culture. Surma, kohl, and kajal hold a place of special importance in a woman’s beauty bag. One stroke can magically transform your look to bold and sultry, or even delicate and doe-eyed. But with everyone wearing kajal the same way, how do you stand out? Here are 4 simple and stylish ways to wear kajal which are sure to get you noticed every time.