Professional Makeup Kit 01

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Professional Makeup Kit

I have compiled a list of what I believe are essentials for you to own in your very own professional makeup kit. The correct tools make the job easier, and they give you the control for doing your makeup properly.

how to apply kajal 21

How to apply kajal on upper lid

Our eyes can speak volumes. But good eye make up is essential to enhance the beauty of our eyes. Kajal, also known as kohl, is one product that can transform the way you look – and the most basic product in a woman’s beauty arsenal.

blend eyeshadow 01

5 Tips on how to blend eyeshadow seamlessly

Some days, all you need is a subtle wash of color on the lids. From natural, barely-there looks to the smokiest of eyes, applying eye shadow is something that most women take part in every day. Here are my top tips on how to blend eye shadow that will make you an expert in no time.