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40 Hottest Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles of 2021

Layered haircuts are definitely one of the most beloved hairstyles, among all women. Take a look and see what gorgeous hairstyles are on offer.

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6 Ways To Use Salt For Gorgeous Skin, Hair, Teeth and Nails

Sea salt contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, all of which play a key role in maintaining gorgeous skin, hair, teeth and nails. Absence of these essential minerals can result in dryness, dullness, irritation, blotchiness and even serious skin and hair health conditions. Try these 8 effective ways to use salt for gorgeous skin, hair, teeth and nails.

25 Medium Length Hairstyles To Sport This March

With the blazing heat continuing to have no mercy on mere mortals, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sport long mane and maintain them. Nonetheless, you don’t want to let go off your fashionable streak. So how about chopping your hair a few inches to be able to beat the heat, yet look fashionable.