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How to apply kajal for small eyes

Applying kajal in some particular ways can make them look bigger and open. But before you start using kajal on your eyes, there are a few things you need to do for its effect to show.

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How To Apply Kajal In 3 Easy Ways

The beauty of dark kohled eyes and on an Indian woman especially has always been praised and sung about by many. To earn this reputation, you need to know how to apply kajal the right way on your eyes.

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How To Apply Kajal On Upper Lid

Our eyes can speak volumes. But good eye make up is essential to enhance the beauty of our eyes. Kajal, also known as kohl, is one product that can transform the way you look – and the most basic product in a woman’s beauty arsenal.


3 Gorgeous daytime eye makeup looks for brown eyes

To accentuate the look of the god-gifted twins, you need to have the right eye makeup done. But let’s remember one thing here- brown is a neutral shade and any color can go well with it, but if you have glossy hazel brown eyes, sticking to matte tones would be the best for the winter daytime parties and affairs.