8 Basic Makeup tools for Beginners

Makeup tools are fundamental to achieving a faultless look and using the right brushes and sponges will make your drugstore makeup products look like high-end brands. This article will help in making the buying experience less intimidating.

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7 Must-have beauty products in a summer makeup kit

Come summers and there is a certain freshness and chirpiness in the air. After a spell of dull winters, we welcome the breezy summers with open arms. And our makeup is no exception. We need to work around our makeup kit and keep it updated with the latest trends in beauty and stock it up with products suitable to tackle this blistering heat. So, Zuri brings to you 7 beauty products that are a must have in your makeup kit this summer.

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Must have’s in a new bride’s Lohri makeup kit

The first year after marriage is full of many celebrations, big and small. This year begins with the North Indian festival of Lohri, so discard your old look and begin with a look that a new bride deserves. We have brought you the new brides make up kit must haves, which will help you play the part of the gorgeous new bride of the family to perfection.

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5 Innovative gifts to give a bride

Last week my friend got married and that kept me so busy. She has been such a fast friend. We have known each other for over a decade now. One thing I know for a fact that the gift she has got from me is something she must have fallen in love with (by now). Know why? Cause I know her so well! The gift is a goody bag full of beauty products. She loves makeup!

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7 Must have beauty items of 2014 for a bridal makeup kit

A bride to be has a whole lot of things to worry about. Make up should not be one of them. You may have chosen your make up artist and you may rely on her, but picking your own shades and products is always a good thing to do. You know how your skin works the best and you have all these years of experience, finding the perfect product it. Continue this tradition for the D day with our list of must have beauty items for a bridal makeup kit.