Post party skin care tips 01

8 Useful post party skin care tips

Indian festivals keep coming and going and the party scene never seems to end! While you were out there having a blast, your skin wasn’t having such a good time, though. Late nights are a lot of fun for you, but your mother and your skin do not approve. We have brought you a few tips of post party skin care so that you can at least mollify your skin.

ways to winter proof your makeup 06

10 Easy ways to winter proof your makeup

Winter is great for its fashion, but not so much for your make up. Battling irritated and dry skin can be a huge problem. That’s why we have brought you 10 easy ways to winter proof your make up so that you can look as stunning as ever, no matter how the barometer reads!

bridal makeup kit 08

7 Must have beauty items of 2014 for a bridal makeup kit

A bride to be has a whole lot of things to worry about. Make up should not be one of them. You may have chosen your make up artist and you may rely on her, but picking your own shades and products is always a good thing to do. You know how your skin works the best and you have all these years of experience, finding the perfect product it. Continue this tradition for the D day with our list of must have beauty items for a bridal makeup kit.

makeup tips 22

8 Makeup tips to save time on a winter morning

Stepping out of the house unprepared and a total mess is the last thing you want to do on a cold, winter morning. We know you have to get where you are going on time, and that’s why we have put together 8 simple tips which will help cut down the time you require to get dressed in the mornings, so that you are perfectly dressed to face every single day.