5 Tips for weight loss that won’t age your skin

Aren’t we all struggling to look our better versions and lose the extra flab?

skin care tips for dry skin 05

Top 5 skin care tips for dry skin

Winter is here and so are our winter woes. Dry skin has brought it’s usual itchiness and irritation, which seems never ending. But don’t worry, the battle against dry skin isn’t over yet! There are a few things that you could be doing wrong, which may be stripping your skin of its moisture. Have a look at our top 5 skin care tips for the winter and incorporate them into your beauty regime for healthier skin.

How to fast right on Karwa Chauth 09

Healthy ways to fast during Karwa Chauth

Nobody quite knows how, when and why this festival originated. Since, Karwa Chauth overlaps with the wheat-sowing time, hence, one theory is that long time ago, the wheat-eating area dried-up and rivers of the region got waned from the effects of the monsoon. Due to this, men would have to undertake long-distance journey and their wives would fast to pray for their husbands’ protection and for a good harvest.

Healthy Weight Loss tips for a bride-to-be 01

Healthy weight loss tips for a bride-to-be

Late last year, a very dear friend decided to get married. It was a sudden decision and there wasn’t much time for her D-day (just about 3 months). She has never been obsessed with her weight or her figure to be honest. However, on the day of her engagement, when she revealed her plans of going on a diet, it took me by surprise.